Confirming your visa status, how to check with VEVO

The Department of Home Affairs Visa Entitlement Verification Online system (VEVO) allows you to confirm your visa status. It allows visa holders, employers, education providers and other organisations to check visa conditions. The type of visa you’re issued when visiting Australia depends on factors such as the purpose of your visit, or how long you’re wanting […]

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Absorbed Person Visa and Early Migrants lawfully in Australia.

This case study explores the Absorbed Person Visa and immigration issues that can affect early migrants to Australia (pre-2 April 1984) and the significant ramifications on their legal status with respect to their ability to remain in Australia and to travel freely into and out of Australia, and eligibility to become Australian Citizens. There remains […]

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Cancelling your student visa to apply for another onshore visa.

The question of whether cancelling your student visa to apply for another onshore visa can cause issues if commonly asked. Two of my clients recently asked me if they can apply for a partner visa and cancel their student visa so that they did not have the condition 8105 work limitation and could stop studying […]

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A brief explanation of Labour Market Testing requirements.

Labour Market Testing requirements will depend on which visa stream you are nominating under. For some visa types, you must show us you can’t find a suitable Australian worker. For these visas, if you nominate an overseas worker, you will need to test the local labour market. Labour market testing (LMT) generally involves advertising the […]

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How you can apply for a partner visa if you haven’t lived with your partner.

A quick answer to how you can apply for a partner visa if you haven’t lived with your partner in a defacto relationship for 12 months or more. To qualify for a de facto partner visa in Australia, you will need to meet eligibility criteria. One of the most important aspects of a partner visa […]

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