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We're Your Australian Migration Agent

Planning on applying for an Australian visa? Here at Keystone, our mission is to help make your migration process seamless. We will talk and guide you through the Australian visa process, regardless of which type of visa you apply for. If you are looking to make your visa application an easy process, you will want to invest in an Australian Visa Agent.

When you apply with us, we will take care of you and help you accomplish your goal of obtaining a visa and living here in Australia. We ensure the entire process is done within our business by our Registered Migration Agent.

Do you need help migrating to australia?

Whether you need help, have a question, or are struggling through the process at the moment, our experts are here to help.

Start your migration journey to Australia

The process of applying for an Australian visa can be a daunting experience when done by yourself. With our services, we make the process as easy as possible in five simple steps.

  • consultation


    Attend your consultation with our Visa Agent

  • file


    Fill in the paperwork for your visa application

  • insurance


    Gather required documents for your visa application

  • checkmark


    Send your application to Department of Home Affairs

  • flowchart


    Track your visa application and any further visa outcomes

Meet our principal visa agent

Our principal Migration Agent, Andrew Robertson, has years of experience as a Registered Migration Agent. Registered with the Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA), Andrew has obtained his Australian Immigration Law and Practice qualifications through Victoria University, and also holds a B.Sc. and an MBA.

Growing up in a multi-cultural community in Geelong, Victoria, before moving to Sydney, and having travelled overseas extensively for both leisure and work, Andrew sees the benefits of a multicultural environment. His strong family values with his conviction of the benefits to Australia of multicultural diversity, empower him in helping his clients achieve their goals of migrating to Australia. To learn more about Andrew and Keystone Visa, click below.

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Principal Agent

Why migrate to Australia

  • 1. Stable Political System

    In Australia, our political system is one of the most stable in the world. From education to the environment, we have systems set up to assist residents and citizens to uphold a safe and healthy lifestyle. It is the same with our laws, which are enforced to ensure we keep our country as safe as possible.

  • 2. Strong Employment and Economy

    Like our political system, our employment and economic systems are set up to ensure a fair living across Australia. Hence, our minimum wages are higher than most countries across the world. The government also strives to offer more jobs to migrants and ensure the unemployment rate is decreasing over time.

  • 3. Access to Healthcare

    Our health system in Australia is highly efficient ensuring healthcare and attention are catered to those who are in need. The Medicare system provides medical assistance for all citizens across the country, with private health insurance allowing further coverage.

  • 4. Multicultural

    Migrants like to choose Australia because of its multiculturalism. Australia prides itself on the large variety of cultures living in a shared environment. With such a diverse range of cultures in the country, this means a shared sense of cultural identity can be found amongst all communities of Australia, limiting the fear of discrimination.

  • 5. Beautiful Locations

    Australia is known for its beautiful locations and unique vistas. From the gold sand beaches and stunning harbours to the gorgeous greenery in the bushland, you can find beauty across Australia.

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We specialise in the following visas

Here at Keystone Visa and Migration Services, we specialise in specific visa applications among other visa categories. Below are the main visas we specialise in.

Partner Visa

If you are in a current de facto relationship or married to an Australian citizen, you could be eligible for an Australian partner visa also known as the 820 or 801 visas.

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Marriage Visa

If you are engaged or intend to marry your partner who is an Australian citizen, you could be eligible for the Prospective Marriage Visa.

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Skilled Visa

Are you currently in a professional skilled trade? If your skilled trade is currently in demand within Australia, you could be eligible for a Skilled Visa.

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Employer Visa

Are you able to get an Australian employer to nominate you for a full-time position? You could be eligible for an Australian Employer Nomination (186 visa).

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