Subclass 186 Visa: Am I able to leave my employer after I obtain my permanent residence?

There is no enforceable provision that stops you from leaving your employer if you are on a Subclass 186 visa. If you applied through the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (Subclass 187), the answer would be different. When you lodged your subclass 186 ENS application, you need to have demonstrated an employment contract signed by yourself […]

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Australian Partner Visa

The Australian Partner Visa can be confusing. Therefore, this webinar explores your options; and most importantly, discusses eligibility requirements and explores the types of documents required. A Partner Visa allows a partner/spouse of an Australian citizen, permanent residents or eligible New Zealand citizens to live in Australia. These visas apply to individuals in genuine relationships […]

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Becoming an Australian Citizen by Conferral

Becoming an Australian Citizen by conferral is a common way of becoming an Australian citizen. You need to be a permanent resident and meet specific criteria before you can apply. This pathway is open to migrants, spouse or partners of an Australian citizen, eligible New Zealand citizens and other discrete groups of persons. Citizenship conferral […]

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Eligible New Zealand Citizen (ENZC) potential issues

This case study explores the visa options and potential issues that an Eligible New Zealand Citizen (ENZC) may encounter when applying for a partner visa. Summary: A New Zealand citizen who resides in Australia has formed a relationship with a partner from overseas. We explore the options available for him and his partner and the […]

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Temporary Parent Visa (Subclass 870)

The new Temporary Parent Visa (Subclass 870) commenced 17 April 2019. This new visa offers parents a new pathway to reunite with their children and grandchildren in Australia. Please note: This is a temporary visa and does not lead to PR. When the sponsorship is approved, you then must apply for this visa within 6 […]

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