Early Migrants lawfully in Australia as permanent residents despite not holding an entry permit

Author: Andrew Robertson Registered Migration Agent Keystone Visa and Migrations Services Abstract: This case study explores the immigration issues that can affect early migrants to Australia (pre-2 April 1984) and the significant ramifications on their legal status with respect to their ability to remain in Australia and to travel freely into and out of Australia, […]

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Cancelling your student visa to apply for another onshore visa.

Two of my clients recently asked me if they can apply for a partner visa and cancel their student visa so that they did not have the condition 8105 work limitation and could stop studying and begin to work in Australia, without the 40 hour per fortnight restriction on Student visas, whilst they wait for […]

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A brief explanation of Labour Market Testing requirements.

In this video our registered Migration Agent explains and discusses the requirements for Labour Market Tests. For more information regarding Australian visas, give us a call to speak to our registered Australian Migration Agent on +61 468 838 899.

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How can I apply for a partner visa if I haven’t lived with my partner for 12 months or more?

A quick answer to the question: “How can I apply for a partner visa if I am not married nor lived with my partner in a defacto relationship for 12 months or more?”. Watch the video below to find out more. For any more enquiries on the Partner Visa (820 and 801), give us a […]

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Nomination Training Contribution Charge (SAF)

The Migration (Skilling Australians Fund) Charges Act 2018 (the SAF Charges Act) is an Act relating to the ‘nomination training contribution charge’ (the charge) payable by persons who are liable to pay the charge under the Migration Act 1958 (the Migration Act) and the Migration Regulations 1994 (the Migration Regulations). The charge is imposed on […]

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