The Australian Partner Visa can be confusing. Therefore, this webinar explores your options; and most importantly, discusses eligibility requirements and explores the types of documents required.

A Partner Visa allows a partner/spouse of an Australian citizen, permanent residents or eligible New Zealand citizens to live in Australia.

These visas apply to individuals in genuine relationships looking to live in Australia.

So, do you want to live with your partner in Australia? Keystone Visa and Migration Services assists you with professional and clear assistance. Therefore, we can help you obtain the results you desire.

This is a video of a webinar. It is about 20 minutes in duration and explores:

  • What is an Australian Partner Visa?
  • Onshore Partner Visas (subclass 820 and 801)
  • Offshore Partner Visas (subclass 309 and 100)
  • The partner visa application
  • Processing times
  • Long term relationships
  • Defacto relationships
  • Registered relationships
  • Do I need to be divorced to be able to apply for a partner visa?
  • Sponsors
  • Eligible New Zealand citizen as sponsors
  • Forms and documents
  • The applicants’ requirements
  • Potential future changes
  • Why appoint Keystone Visa and Migration Services to assist you?

If you’re looking to apply for an Australian Partner Visa, talk to Keystone Visa and Migration Services. Our Migration Agent has years of experience in helping couples from different countries reunite in Australia.

Specializing in Partner Visas, our Registered Migration Agent can answer any questions you may have. We’ll help with every aspect of the process, including organizing the documentation and your submission. For further assistance please contact us at [email protected] or through the contact us page on this website.