The Australian partner visa can be confusing. This webinar explores the on-shore and off-shore application options, discusses eligibility requirements, talks about the types of documents required and also discusses potential future changes to the Australian partner visa.

This is a video of a webinar about the Australian Partner Visa. It is about 20 minutes in duration and explores:

  • What is an Australian Partner Visa?
  • Partner Visa Australia (subclasses 820 and 801)
  • Provisional Partner Visa (subclass 309) and Migrant Partner Visa (subclass 100)
  • The partner visa application
  • Partner visa application – processing times
  • Partner visa application – long term relationships
  • De facto relationship for partner visa application
  • Registered relationship for partner visa application
  • Do I need to be divorced to be able to apply for a partner visa?
  • Sponsors
  • Eligible New Zealand citizen as sponsors
  • Forms and documents
  • The applicants’ requirements
  • Changes to the partner visa application
  • Why appoint Keystone Visa and Migration Services to assist you?