The Australian Partner Visa Checklist is based on the requirements to apply for an Australian partner visa and complete the application by supplying evidence to substantiate your identities and that your relationship is genuine and ongoing.

Due to the high demand, processing times for onshore Australian Partner Temporary visas (subclass 820 visa) and offshore Australian Partner Provisional visas (subclass 309 visa) are currently that 75% are processed within 21 months and 90% within 28 months for onshore applications, and 13 months and 17 months respectively for the off-shore application, as of 30 May 2020..

If you are planning to apply for an Australian Partner visa, whether you are in Australia or overseas, it is important to supply a decision ready application to ensure that there are no further delays in the processing due to the Department issuing Requests for Further Information (RFI)

Keystone Visa and Migration Services specialise in Australian Partner Visa applications and currently have 100% success rate for all partner visa applications applied since becoming a Registered Migration Agent.

In addition, we have a very high level of reviews from our previous clients.

Keystone Visa and Migration Services would be pleased to assist you with your Partner Visa Application and can be contacted by calling +61 468 838 899, filling in the online assessment or contacting us via email at [email protected].

Reasons for considering to use a Registered Migration Agent

Registered Migration Agents can assist you to prepare your application for a fee. To practise in Australia and act on behalf of visa applicants, agents must be registered with the Office of Registered Migration Agents of Australia (OMARA). Keystone Visa and Migration Services is a Registered Migration Agency and our Migration Agent is registered with OMARA (MARN: 1573795).