Due to the high demand, applications for Australian Partner Temporary visas (subclass 820 visa) and Australian Partner Provisional visas (subclass 309 Visa) are presentlly taking between 12 and 15 months to process. If you are planning to apply for an Australian Partner visa, whether you are in Australia or overseas, here are a few helpful tips in deciding to apply for the Australian Partner Visa:

Use the Partner Visa Australia Checklist

The checklists for Australian Partner Visa depends on the type of partner visa you are applying for and where you are applying from.

  • Stage 1 – Temporary Partner or Prospective Marriage visa (300,309,820)
  • Stage 2 – Permanent Partner (100, 801)

For applicants applying for an Australian Partner Visa or Prospective Marriage Visa, and applying from outside Australia, click on the appropriate Checklist, below:

For applicants applying whilst in Australia for an Australian Partner Visa:

To lodge your complete application create and use an ImmiAccount or contact a Partner Visa Migration Agent such as Keystone Visa and Migration Services on +61 468 838 899.

Reasons for considering to use a Registered Migration Agent

Registered migration agents can assist you to prepare your application for a fee. To practise in Australia and act on behalf of visa applicants, agents must be registered with the Office of Registered Migration Agents of Australia (OMARA). Keystone Visa is a Registered Migration Agent with OMARA (MARN: 1573795) and they can be contacted on +61 468 838 899 or Australian Partner Visa Migration Agent Contact Page or fill in the online assessment and we will contact you.