Australian Partner Visa Checklist When Applying for a Partner Visa for Australia

The below Australian partner visa checklist will help you and your partner tick off what you need when applying for a partner visa for Australia.

  1. Partner Visa Application form for Australia (Form 47SP) completed and signed by the applicant
  2. Partner Visa Sponsorship form form for Australia (Form 40SP) completed and signed by the sponsor
  3. If you have dependents over 18 yrs, completed and signed Form 47A
  4. The Australian Partner visa application fee
  5. If applying for the Australian Partner Visa abroad, Certified true copy by our Service Delivery Partner (Australian Visa Application Centre (AVAC)) of the biodata and visa pages of the applicant’s passport
  6. Two recent passport-size photographs of the partner visa applicant
  7. Two recent passport-size photographs of the sponsor who is sponsoring the partner visa applicant
  8. Two recent passport-size photographs of any migrating children
  9. Birth certificate of the partner visa applicant
  10. If married, a marriage certificate / If a fiancé, confirmation from a marriage celebrant that a “Notice of Intention to Marry” has been lodged – with the date and the venue stated
  11. Name change certificate(s), if applicable
  12. Divorce certificate, if applicable
  13. Death certificate, if applicable
  14. If applicable, evidence of legal custody of children and/or Form 1229 to be completed by the person who has the legal right to determine where the child can live
  15. Legal Adoption document from a Court, if applicable
  16. Evidence of the sponsor’s status as an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen
  17. Police certificates for the applicant for each country the applicant has lived in for 12 months or more over the last ten (10) years since the applicant has turned 16. More information on how to obtain a police clearance is included in the link ‘Police and character requirements (obtaining a police certificate)’.
  18. If the application includes people under 18, police certificates for the sponsor for each country the sponsor has lived in for 12 months or more over the last ten (10) years since the sponsor has turned 16. See the link ‘police and character requirements (applications involving children)’.
  19. Evidence of the sponsor’s income over past 2 years and work reference(s)
  20. Details and divorce certificates of your sponsor’s previous marriage(s), if applicable
  21. A statement describing how you and your sponsor met and your current circumstances
  22. Photocopies of correspondence including cards and letters which you have sent to one another, with envelopes – do not provide originals
  23. Photocopies of telephone accounts or statements which show evidence of communication between yourselves – do not provide originals
  24. Statements from friends and relatives who know you as a couple
  25. Photocopies of a selection of photographs of you together over the length of your relationship – do not provide originals
  26. ANY other evidence which demonstrates that your relationship is genuine

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