Australia has streamlined its visa processing framework and as a result an outcome of this has been that a large number of student visas have been cancelled due to “non-genuine: applications and non compliance with visa conditions prescribed. The Australian reported recently almost 11,000 student visas have been cancelled in the last financial year.

This activity by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection was due to an excess of “non-genuine” international students — primarily from China, South Korea, India, Vietnam, and Thailand — who had gained access to Australian universities through illegal means.

“A key reason for ditching the current streamlined visa procedures is that too many low-quality education providers have been gaming the system, and this has meant students have been attracted to enrolling in such providers as an easy visa pathway to Australia.” – Phil Honeywood, Australia’s Chief Executive of the International Education Association of Australia

Counterfeit test results to fraudulent enrollments has led to manipulation of the system which has lead the Immigration Department to take corrective action. Why? To maintain the Australias reputation and quality higher educational offerings.

“The quality of the educational services that Australia offers to the rest of the world is an asset that we should protect and enhance.” – Australian Education Minister Christopher Pine.

This is not targeting International Students, even though the cancellation rate is up 30 percent from previous years. It serves as a demonstration of the country’s commitment to closing the door on poor quality providers and applicants who are not bone fide in their applications.

So what will the streamline approach bring with it? A new student visa framework, less taxed by non-genuine students, and simpler to navigate for genuine students allowing a more targeted approach to immigration integrity, and create a level playing field for all education providers.

Students can work for up to 40 hours per fortnight (condition 8105) when school is in session. No work limits apply during recognized periods of vacation offered by your education provider.

Study and enjoy Australia at the same time but you must continue to satisfy the requirements for grant of your student visa (condition 8516).

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