The costs involved in submitting an Australian Skilled Migration, Partner or Visitor Migration Visa Application include most, though not necessarily all, of the following, in Australian Dollars: (Please note that the costs are per person and additional costs are incurred if you have more than one applicant.)

Department of Immigration (DIBP) Visa Application Charge:
Cost may vary depending if you are in Australia or outside of Australia on application and also if additional applicants are included in your application.

– $ 3,600 – for General Skilled Migration Visas
– $ 6,865 – For a Partner Visa
– $ 135 – $ 340 for a Visitor Visa

Skills Assessment Application Fee: – From $350 to $1,050 for most occupations

IELTS Test (if required): – $ 350 approximately but varies in different countries.

Medical Examination: – from $ 300 to $ 350 per person

Police Clearance Certificate Fee: – on average $ 45 per person but varies in different countries.

Translations and Document Certification Charges: – $ 55 per page

In addition if you engage us to assist in this process our fees are:

Keystone Visa and Migration Services Fees 

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These fees are as of 1 July 2016